If there is a beach bar-restaurant synonymous with exclusivity, it is Lush Beach Bar-Resto. With gentle beats of music, modern decor and excellent service, Lush provides you with the absolute all day experience that cannot be replaced!

The story began in 2010 when a group of friends decided to embark on a journey to fulfil their dream. A few years later and with many stories to tell throughout their journey, Lush Beach Bar Resto has become what it is today. We strive to offer exceptional experiences to all of our ‘guests’ and the chance to begin their own story.

The day begins with cool rhythms and the aroma of coffee from our extended selection. The day unfolds with our rich and diverse cuisine that will transport your senses through a fusion of exceptional flavours and colours, only to end up with an amazing collection of classic and signature cocktails that you can enjoy right on the breathtaking Makenzy beach.

While at our beach bar you can enjoy a delicious sushi platter at your sun bed/gazebo, while at the same sipping your champagne or cocktail. At our restaurant, you can enjoy creative Mediterranean cuisine, which will make each individual meal an absolute pleasure to the senses.

The music throughout the day moves from chill out to mainstream hits, maintaining a unique sound, which creates a vibe of familiarity. Well rooted in our culture are our live events and guest DJs, musicians, groups and popular singers from Greece and all around the world.

Lush Beach Bar Resto is open 7 days a week365 days a year. You will find us ideal for relaxing on the beach, lunch or dinner, parties, company events or visit us simply to enjoy one of our guest artists from all around the world.

At Lush Beach Bar Resto we offer a once in a lifetime experience.



Our Team